When I mix a show, be it a band, a musical, or a spoken word event, I strive to get the best sound of of the performer, the system, and the venue. I believe that it takes more then a pair of good ears to get the best mix, that it requires practace, experience, and knowledge in the art of mixing. Having started in high school, I've mixed a wide veriety of bands, musicals, and speaking events.


Not only are you the engineer in most cases, you are also the crew head. You are required to handle a crew, oversee the instelation and mantanince of the system, and then make sure that the designers vision becomes a reality. I truely love being able to help create the system, run the show, and then strike it all down.


Being a A2 (Audio 2) requires knowing a great deal of knowledge. You must know how to deal with people, how to handle situations under pressure, how to mic up a band, and how to actually mic up an actor. Knowing these things is paramount to being an A2.